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The games played in the casino include:


While invented in the USA, no one can hold you back from playing it in Czech casinos too. How is it played? How can you win? Is it just about luck or a strategy? What about live vs online version of this game? Can you imagine what a fantastic experience it can be?

Rules and course of the game

Poker is played with 52 cards divided into four suits: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Each suit has 13 cards in ranks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace as the highest rank.

Game has several rounds of betting, when you put your bets (casinos use tokens called chips) into the pot.

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Texas Hold’em – two cards in hand, five community cards on the board

Texas Hold’em was invented in the USA in 1920’s and very quickly became the most played and the most popular poker variant. No wonder. The thrill often bursts into passionate wave of emotions; the sheer luck complements the gaming wits of each player. How is this poker variant played?

Glossary of terms

Dealer (person dealing the cards)
Small blind (small blind bet, posted by the player to the left of the dealer)
Big blind (big blind bet, posted by the second player to the left of the dealer)
Call (putting the same number of chips to match the bet)
Raise (raising the bet)
Check (remaining in the game without betting)
Showdown (revealing the cards)

Course of the game

After the first cards are dealt, the first round of forced betting is started. Player to the left of the dealer starts with small blind then the big blind follows and in a clockwise direction the others post their bets as well. They can either match (call) or increase (raise) the bet or drop their cards.

The dealer turns over the first three community cards face up (the flop). Second betting round follows, with the same rules, starting with player who posted the small blind. Bets are not forced now, so if no one raises the bet, the players are allowed to check only.

After the second betting round, the dealer exposes the fourth community card (the turn) and after the third betting round, he exposes the fifth and last community card as well (the river). After a final round of betting, players show their hands (the showdown). The winner takes it all – i.e. all chips in the pot. In case of a tie of more players, chips are evenly split among the winning hands (the split pot).

Winning combinations

Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a, Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, High Cards

karetni hry vyherni kombinace

Easy Hold’em – The easier way to win

This poker variant is much easier than Texas Hold’em. Firstly, it is played with only one pack of cards. Secondly, if you find out after the first two cards that you don’t want to proceed with the game, you can withdraw from the game and get your ante bet back.

Winning is relatively easier too: You just need to have better hand than the dealer.

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You can play Easy Hold’em poker game in San Marco casinos. Will you come by and try your abilities in the life game?

Oasis Stud Poker – 5 cards for yourself and no community cards

After the betting, each player, including the dealer, will receive 5 cards. Contrary to the previous poker variants, all your cards will be dealt face down (unexposed) so no player will have an idea what cards are actually in the game. Only the dealer will have first four cards face down and the last one will be face up so everyone can see what he received.

After the first round all the players can decide whether to finish the game and thus lose their first bets (first bets are called “Ante bets”) or to continue and post a bet equal to three times the ante (the Odds bet). Then the dealer gradually exposes the cards he has received and proves whether he is able to qualify: If he doesn’t have at least an Ace and King (or better card combination), the game ends and all players get their Ante bets back. If the dealer qualifies then he assesses each player’s hand. Those who have better cards, win. They can also lose (in case of worse cards) or it can be a tie.

Just having luck is not enough to win

Poker is considered to be the game of chance, because the chance has its role here. However, the winner needs more than luck – above all he needs the smart strategy – long term, because one loss doesn’t mean the ultimate loss.

The player needs to control his emotions, watch what exactly is going on around, and what cards are coming to the board. It pays off to work with mathematical probability (which cards already appeared in the game and what is the probability that certain cards are yet to appear) and to try to reveal the opponent strategy.

You can apply your strategy better in the live game

A true poker fun starts with the live game. That’s when you sit face-to-face with real opponents holding real cards in sweaty hands, shuffling the poker chips and carefully watching the smallest moves of the opponent. These are the things you will never experience in the online poker game. It’s the excitement from a thrill and satisfaction from winning.

Pit your wits against other players and the dealer. Visit the San Marco Casino in Ostrava-Poruba and experience the adrenaline rush and the unbounded spirit of this card game firsthand. The victory is in your hands.

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Black Jack

Black Jack is all about simple math and combinations. It is a card fight between you and the dealer. It’s the thrilling game in which just the luck is not enough to win. The winner is the one who has well-thought strategy and makes the right decisions. How exactly is the Black Jack played? Which ways you can use to end the game and how to ensure your win in timely manner?

Rules and course of the game

One or more decks of 52 cards are available. Suits are irrelevant here; it’s all about each card value. The objective of the game is to have the higher sum of all cards values than the dealer, while not exceeding the value of 21.

Values of each card

For numbered cards it is simple: The 2 – 10 count as the number of points indicated on the card. The Jack, Queen and King count each as 10, while the Ace counts as 1 or 11.

Important terms

Black Jack: You reach this value at the moment you have any card with a value of 10 and the Ace which counts in this moment as 11
Trop: This is the undesirable situation. Whenever you reach it, you are losing. This is the situation when the sum of your cards is exceeding 21 points (the dealer can be “trop” as well).

Black Jack – On your own, one-on-one

While there can be more players at the table, they always play one-on-one: Each of you will fight the dealer individually. This can result in situations when in one round some players lose against the dealer, while others win or even end in a tie.

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The course of the game

After placing all bets the dealer deals the first two cards to himself and to other players – unusually compared to other games, the cards are dealt face up so that all can see the cards and values that players and the dealer have. Then comes the decision phase when the dealer asks what you want to do, as regards your cards. At this moment you have the following options:

Hit – Take another card from the dealer and get closer to the target 21.

Stand – If you are satisfied with the resulting value of your cards, you can “stand” and thus end your game.

Double – Double your bet, take one more card (the last one) and thus end your game.

Split – If the first two cards of your hand have the same value, you can split it into two games – i.e. stay in the current game with one of these two cards and take over the second one to the next round. However, at this moment you must double the initial bet.

Surrender – You can surrender the game when you don’t trust your two cards which you received from the dealer. The dealer returns you the half of your bet and the second half is kept by the house.

Insurance – Do you have a hunch that the dealer will have the winning Black Jack? You can bet on his win and if your assessment was right you will get the payout of amount 2:1. However, on this win you can bet up to half the value of your original bet.

The limitations apply for the dealer

The dealer can win or lose the same as the players. However, the rules applying to him are slightly different:

He can’t end early – In other words, if the sum of his cards values is lower than 17, he must always draw another card.

At value of 17or more, he must stand – Contrary to players, if the dealer’s cards sum is 17 or more, the dealer can’t draw another card. At this moment, the game ends for him.

He can’t play Double or Split.

When the dealer is “trop” – All players who didn’t reach “trop” win. Those who are also “trop”, lose the same as the dealer.

The luck helps, but is not enough to win

While it may seem that luck plays key role in this game, it is not true. Key to win is a work with probability, to have the ability to count and in time decide whether to end the game. For each player it is very important to stay alert and watch which cards the others are getting, because based on this you can better assess which cards are yet to come.

Live game is more fun

Just imagine. You and a bunch of other players are on your way to win. The thrill is in the air, and the adrenaline and euphoria come in and out. At the board you are not sitting with anonymous strangers but with people you can have great fun with, you can get to know each other better and maybe have even a drink together – to celebrate the win.

So? Do you accept the challenge? Will you pit your wits against the dealer? Will you come here to feel the unique thrill in the air of this fun game of chance in the environment offering much more than just tiring flickering light of the computer monitor – will you come to the place where you can meet the real people? Can you feel the smell of cards and the thrill?

Just contact us and we will drive you to San Marco Casino in Ostrava-Poruba and then back free of charge, so you can relax and have a drink to celebrate the victory.

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Originally invented in France by renowned mathematician Blaise Pascal, this game holds a special place in the hearts of games of chance lovers since 18th century. It became popular very quickly around the world and no casino or game house worth its name can be without it today. How exactly is the roulette played? And which casinos give you a better chance to win?

Rules and course of the game

The roulette consist of two wheels, one is rotating (inner wheel) and second is static (outer wheel). The rotating wheel originally had only 36 pockets numbered 1–36 in red and black color. In casinos today you can see another two versions with either added 0 (European version with 37 pockets) or with added 0 and 00 (American version with 38 pockets).

At first, players place their bets. They can bet on the exact number, on two, three or four numbers, on color (red/black), on even or odd number or on the entire line, column or on the specific dozen. After closing the bets, the croupier spins a ball around the rotating wheel and the ball in the end falls into one of the pockets. Depending on what the players bet on, they collect their payouts.

Bets and their payouts

Even money bets, payout 1:1

Color (red or black) – A bet that the number will be the red or black color.
Even or odd – A bet that the number will be the even or odd number.
Low or high – A bet on low (1–18) or high numbers (19–36).
Bet on 12 numbers, column – You can bet on one of the three columns.
Bet on 12 numbers, dozen – Same like James Bond, you can bet on dozens, i.e. either on one third of numbers in range of 1 to 12, or on the second third of numbers from 13 to 24, or on the third third of numbers from 25 to 36.

Bets on one specific number, payout 35:1

If you bet on any specific number (0 – 36) and your bet will be correct, you will get from the house 35 times your original bet.

Combined bets

Bet on two numbers (split) – You don’t have to bet just on one; you can have two favorites and bet on them. The chip is placed exactly between the numbers you are betting on, i.e. you must choose the adjacent numbers. If you win, you will get 17 times your bet.

Bet on three numbers – Your favorites must be in one column. If you win, you will get 11 times your bet.

Bet on four numbers (square or corner) – The chip is placed exactly between the four numbers you want to bet on. If your bet is correct, you will get 8 times your original bet.

Bet on six numbers (line) – Same as for columns, you can bet on lines as well. When you win, you will get 5 times your bet.

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American vs European game – in which you are more likely to win?

As its name says, the American roulette is popular in casinos on the American continent. Why is it so attractive for Americans? Let’s get it straight, this version of game is popular more amongst the casinos owners, rather than amongst the players. In the American roulette, compared to the European one, it is almost 2 times the risk that your bets will be lost in favor of the house. Therefore, if you don’t go just after the game but you look forward to your wins as well, seek the casinos where the European roulette is played. The ones where there is only one 0 and where is 2 times the chance you will really enjoy your win.

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We play European roulette in San Marco casino and we can provide you with free transport back, so that you can fully enjoy the unique game atmosphere.

Contact us.